Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Life is worth a liveing

Taking your life is not a solution. People run away from problems by committing suicide thinking the problems will go away. That is not the case. One should be able to stand  challenges, as they come and go. It is part of life experience. Life is never too easy.

Approach life with positive attitude and you will never go wrong. You will never regret being alive. Just stay strong, trust God and don't stress about the things you cannot change.

When life gets tough

Life is not a sweet bowl of cherries, it get get tough sometimes. When challenges come one should be able to approach challenges with positive attitude. Sometimes i do get challenges and loose hope, wanting to give up. But ever since i accepted Jesus as my Lord and saver, I started to approach things differently.

He is my best friend, I communicate with him now and then. He listen to my prayers. By reading the word of God I learn to deal with challenges and how to approach them and i am able to say today, "nothing can shake me easily"